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Feature Story Mini-Review: ‘Men Behaving Badly’ by Lisa Mitchell


An interesting, politically challenging (as I am a woman) piece about how men cope with divorce, with a good human-interest angle that makes the hook work to draw the reader in. Multiple informative sources are used from experts to regular men affected by the issue, finding a perfect balance of human-interest and factual components. The quotes themselves are engaging, showing a clear sign of excellent interview questions. The statistic about women initiating divorce 64 percent of the time is from a reputable source in the form of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, adding credibility to the story. The story uses mostly simple language, making it a breeze to read. The repetition of the words “handshake” and “hug” gives the reader a sense of satisfaction by the end of the piece, working like bookends to contrast how men have changed after getting the support they need.


Has mental health among veterans improved from Vietnam to now?

ANZAC Day has ended but many veterans around Australia and the world still suffer from mental illness. Student Reporter Claire Sanderson has searched for an answer to the question ‘How has veteran mental health changed from the Vietnam War to today’s current conflicts?’

This is an assignment for my journalism course at university.